Plan an Amazing Eco-Friendly Wedding

Picking a scene sets the stage and topic for any occasion and is generally your first significant choice. One of the greatest approaches to eliminate vitality is to get hitched outside, as on a homestead or vineyard, where the sun can give the greater part of your lighting. There are huge amounts of wonderful plant greenery enclosures, peaks and restored outbuildings that offer cutting edge comforts, like sinks and toilets, so you don’t need to give up on the cleanliness.

Outside function and gatherings don’t work for everybody. On the off chance that you need to be inside, there are a few ways you can make it green.

Daytime Weddings Save Energy

Initially, hold your service and gathering in one place – nobody will need to go to get starting with one occasion then onto the next, which reduces fuel discharges. On the other hand, pick a scene that gets a lot of daylight and host a daytime wedding so you can leave the lights off. Another approach to be green inside: Look for lodgings that reuse and utilize effective apparatus and biodegradable items. Not certain where to begin? Look at “Environmentally Friendly Hotels” for audits and rankings.

Many trees are toppled each year to make paper items, and the way toward creating these things contaminates the earth. Presently more couples are attempting to help by settling on eco-cognizant welcome decisions. You can use old fashioned snail mail for the wedding solicitations, yet for spare the-dates, paperless is turning out to be increasingly normal. You can likewise decrease the additions in your solicitations by guiding individuals to your wedding sites for any additional points of interest. For your welcome, look out for stationers who offer reused paper items and vegetable-based inks, like “The Windmill Paper Boutique” (they even source printing from windmill-fueled printers!).

Some paper items are even plantable – yes, plantable! Paper from organizations like “Botanical Paper Works” are inserted with seeds, so visitors can plant them in their patios and the paper transforms into blooms, plants or herbs as opposed to winding up in a landfill. On the other hand, you can settle on economical assets, similar to cotton things from “Crane and Co.” or bamboo choices by “Smock.”

Natural Blooms Without Chemicals

You may not consider it, but rather not all blooms are natural. A few homesteads utilize chemicals to keep creepy crawlies under control, which can wind up influencing natural matter in soil, and sometimes, bringing on disease in the laborers who handle them. To ensure your blossoms are as maintainable as could be expected under the circumstances, hope to organizations that are homestead to-table, in a manner of speaking – organizations that cut the stems and have the blooms to you inside a couple days, like “The Bouqs Co.” (what’s more, less refrigeration time implies less power utilize!).

Get some information about in-season and neighborhood blooms to guarantee the freshest, best quality stems at the best cost. If you have your heart set on a blossom that isn’t in season and an occasional imitation won’t do, search for blooms that are VeriFlora-affirmed.
This implies the blossoms aren’t developed with chemicals or become under unforgiving working conditions. Try not to need your excellent blooms discarded after your festival? Work with an organization that will get the courses of action are reusing them, as “Rebloom” or “Repeat Roses”. Another eco-accommodating decision is to pick pruned blossoms, plants or topiaries as centerpieces. Along these lines, you can take them home and replant them after the wedding.

Not a bloom individual? Stroll down the path with an ornament bunch, a plan of silk stems or a heap of agriculturist’s market foods grown from the ground (kale, for instance, has a solid stock and wonderful green foliage) and beautify gathering tables with things you can reuse in your home after the wedding, like soy-based candles or piles of books.

Why a Formal Seating Plan?

In case you’re like the vast majority, you’ve likely gone to weddings before, grabbed your escort card, and discovered your table without ever truly contemplating the work that needs to go into making a wedding seating graph. For a large portion of customers, the wedding seating outline is a standout amongst the most distressing parts of arranging – you may see customers both cry and battle with each other (and their families) over them. Just as of late a customer posted something on Facebook about their wedding seating diagram, and one of the reactions summed it up superbly as being: “Similar to Tetris, yet with feelings.”

Don’t overthink “The Wedding Seating Chart”

At most weddings, your visitors are sitting at their tables for at max an hour and a half of what is a long occasion. Along these lines, while preferably everybody has somebody at their table who they like, and nobody is at a table with somebody they can’t stand, don’t stretch a lot about breaking many of your visitors into the absolute best gatherings of-eight ever – they’ll have hours to hang out with whoever they need.

Presently, if you’re wedding comprises of a six-course plated supper that is going to take three hours, you might need to work somewhat harder on making extraordinary gatherings, yet this is likewise where one may urge individuals to let the visitors who won’t know any other person at your wedding (see: that one previous associate you’ve remained nearby to, or youth companion who lives out of state and doesn’t know any of your present companions) to bring an in addition to one, regardless of the possibility that you’re not permitting them – no matter how you look at it.

Doling out Seats versus Doling out Tables

For the larger part of weddings, doling out your visitors to tables, however not to particular seats at those tables will be fine – except for a multi-course, plated dinner with different determinations for every course. On the off chance that you do dole out seats, you’re going to require both escort cards (which get grabbed at the passage and let you and your guests know the table number) and place cards, which are on the table and let everybody know which seat is correct.

With doled out tables you just need escort cards, or you can make things significantly simpler, and scrap the escort cards for a wedding seating graph (which is truly only a major blurb with a rundown of individuals’ names and table numbers on it. An outline additionally has the reward advantage of not having the capacity to get lost, which by one means or another dependably happens with escort cards notwithstanding, when nobody is leaving the room).

Where Does the Couple Sit?

You can be semi-persuaded that the sweetheart table (a raised as well as “head” table at the front of the room where you and your accomplice sit) was initially designed for couples with bitterly separated guardians, since one approach to abstain from picking who to sit with is to sit with nobody. Be that as it may, a sweetheart table is not your lone alternative. On the off chance that your families all get along well (or, all around “ok”) a table made up of you and your accomplice and both arrangements of guardians can be awesome, or a table with your wedding party and their dates works generally also. In any case, you may frequently urge couples to put their table amidst the floor arrange, rather than on one edge with the goal that you can put the most extreme number of different tables close by and stay away from anybody feeling like they’re in the “shoddy seats” on the inverse side of the room.

Where to Get a Custom Wedding Cake in Calgary

Whippt – Desserts and Catering

At Whippt, everything is custom. From reproducing grandmother’s family formula to building a wedding cake out of Rice Crispy treats, proprietor Alison LaFrance says that she is yet to say “no” to a solitary demand. As a one-stop-search for all wedding desserts, Whippt additionally offers visitor favors, sweet tables, treats and confection buffets. A special wedding cake alternative are the French Macaron Towers.
Address: #4, 5329 72 Ave. SE, Calgary, AB, T3C 4X6

SWIRL Cakes & Cupcakes

SWIRL Cakes & Cupcakes creates each custom cake starting with no outside help, so there are no confinements in flavors, styles or dietary limitations. Offering a complimentary meeting with each couple, it gets to the base of what every couple needs and can oblige practically anything, from a customary look to marvelousness and fabulousness to the off-the-divider. It even has a Doctor Who wedding cake underway for one year from now. If you don’t want a typical wedding cake, they also offer creative alternatives like cupcakes or special desserts with your favorite ingredients.
Phone: (403) 200-0649

Cakes with Attitude

At Cakes with Attitude, taste starts things out. Made without added substances or jam, it settles on organic product purees rather than concentrates and utilize genuine margarine as opposed to shortening. These wedding cakes are made because an unadulterated, crisp taste and are adaptable to create an impression in their plan. Each cake is made, according to the presentation, made by heart. “We want to pizzazz up your cake and make it the best you have ever had.” says Natasha Schick the Pastry Chef.
Address: Skyview Ranch Area, Calgary, T3N 0G9 AB
Phone: (403) 536-4368

Cake Me Away

As one of Calgary’s freshest increases to the universe of custom cake plan, Cake Me Away is now making its check with some outstanding outlines. Proprietor Natelle Thompson initially went to class for visual workmanship, yet in the end attempted her hand at cake outline. She showed herself how to heat and construct claim to fame cakes, utilizing her depiction foundation to transform icing into craftsmanship. The shop will be found till August 2016 at Chantilly’s Tea Room.
Address: T3M 1W2 Calgary
Phone: (403) 587-223-2844

Cake Sensations

With a fine eye for detail, every colleague at Cake Sensations has a claim to fame that they convey to the kitchen. One is a craftsman who can paint expand plans, and another has a sharp eye for making hues to coordinate the occasion. Joined, they can create nearly anything – even a three-dimensional mythical serpent that was first cut by having its take trimmed off with a sword. Custom design is program.
Address: 75 Elgin Estates Hill SE, Calgary, AB T2Z 4R1
Phone: (403) 257-2616

Cakes in Vogue

Proprietor and head planner, Maria Medina, began her profession as a mechanical architect before she proceeded onward to heating, and it appears in her work. She goes to her customers with point by point portrayals and thoughts for how to make the cake they envisioned a reality. Living by the reasoning that each cake must be as lovely within as it is all things considered, she’s devoted to astounding fixings to ensure the cake’s fundamental capacity – to be eaten – is not overlooked.
Address: 120 13 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0V2
Phone: (403) 290-1161

Yann Haute Patisserie

For something a smidgen, not the same as the normal wedding cake, Yann Haute Patisserie offers some customary French alternatives, including present day wedding cakes, macaroon towers and Croquembouche. This bread shop can alter a variety of various styles, yet they do keep up that everything on their treats be totally consumed.
Address: 329 23 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 3C4
Phone: (403) 244-8091

Seasonal Wedding Flower Ideas

Picking wedding blooms that fit your style and petals that match your shading palette isn’t generally simple – particularly on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about a dahlia from a daisy. Here’s all that you have to think about the most prominent wedding blossoms (cost, season, implications, and shading decisions), in addition, you can find several photographs of every sprout in bundles, centerpieces, and boutonnieres from genuine weddings in the internet.

Alstroemeria (also known as Peruvian Lily) or Alstroemeria blossom (otherwise called Peruvian lily)

These blossoms have little, brilliant sprouts that develop in groups and frequently have freckled petals. They’re best utilized as a background to essential blossoms (yet make a dazzling and financially savvy bunch).
Season: year-round
Hues: white, yellow, orange, pink, red, lavender, purple, spotted
Fragrance: none
Motivation: The size and structure of this blossom are perfect for a boutonniere and the unobtrusive examples on the petals are sufficient to be seen yet fly under the radar.


Ladies fancying greatest effect may pick this amazing bloom, which highlights two to five substantial, trumpet-molded blooms that open in progression at the highest point of its additional long stalk. Developed from a globule, the amaryllis started in the tropical rainforests of Africa and South America and is currently accessible in white, light yellow, light green, pink, salmon, and red. Exceptionally uncommon and costly, these blooms are durable and offer a great deal of dramatization with only a couple stems.
Season: November – April
Hues: white, yellow, green, pink, red, burgundy
Aroma: none (belladonna assortment has a mellow sweet scent)
Meaning: unbelievable excellence, pride
Motivation: The light pink tone is a genuine coral shading, making it the ideal expansion to a lovely summer wedding bunch.

Anemone or Purple Anemone bloom

Greek mythology has two legends about the anemone. These gem conditioned blossoms were said to have sprung up from the blood that was shed by Aphrodite’s partner, Adonis, when he passed on. The old Greeks additionally trusted that Zephyrus, the divine force of the west wind, supported the blossom, subsequently its other name: windflower. Although unscented, this relative of the peony and ranunculus is looked for after its lively maroon, red, and purple tints. Only a couple of splendid blossoms add an impact of shading to bunches and game plans.
Season: November – May; fundamentally spring
Hues: white, pink, purple, maroon, burgundy
Fragrance: none
Meaning: desire
Motivation: Planning a high contrast wedding? You’ll have white sprouts by the drove, yet there are not very many dark assortments. Hope to white anemones with dark places for some differentiation in your florals.

Bouvardia or Red bouvardia

This bloom is ideal for fleshing out an exemplary wedding bunch or course of action. It has bunches of little, star-formed blooms erupting from a verdant green stem and is exceptionally sensitive.
Season: year-round
Hues: white, peach, pink, red
Aroma: swoon
Meaning: excitement
Motivation: If you like bouvardia, supplement with some stephanotis sprouts also. They share a comparative structure, yet shift sufficiently only to get your attention.

Calla Lily or White calla lily

Otherwise called the arum lily, this trumpet-formed bloom started in Africa and symbolized “brilliant magnificence” to the Victorians. Two sorts are normally accessible: one with an extensive head and a long, smooth stem, reasonable for tall courses of action or presentation bundles; and a smaller than usual rendition perfect for nosegays and boutonnieres.
Season: year-round, winter to late spring is the pinnacle
Hues: ivory, yellow, orange, light pink, dull pink, red, dim burgundy
Fragrance: none
Meaning: enthusiasm, great magnificence, female, unobtrusiveness
Motivation: Calla lilies have a tough, solid stem. Consider utilizing them to add height and extra structure to tall centerpieces.

Camellia or Pink camellia blossom

An image of perfection and magnificence, this multipetaled relative of the tea plant was initially from China. The blossom had a remarkable part in Verdi’s musical drama La Traviata, which he adjusted from the play “The Lady of the Camellias”. In the story a prostitute named Violetta dependably wore a white camellia, except for the few days of the month when she was “not accessible” and wore a red camellia.
Season: late winter to early spring, fall
Hues: white, cream, pink, red
Fragrance: gentle, sweet
Meaning: incredibleness, magnificence, idealized exquisiteness, happiness
Motivation: Think of camellia’s as a hybrid of ranunculus and peonies. At the end of the day, it’s awesome swap for out of season stems.

Carnation or Pink edged carnation

Try not to turn up your nose at the normal carnation – this dependable blossom is brimming with conceivable outcomes for weddings. The unsettled heads look offers an economical approach to convey richness and shading to bunches and game plans. Whenever massed, they likewise make their very own lovely bundle.

Carnations have a long history; they were apparently used to make formal crowns in antiquated Greece, and they were close by at the wedding of Maximilian of Austria, the head of Mexico (1864 – 67), symbolizing conjugal delight. Today, more than 300 species (in substantial, single blossoms and smaller than expected shower assortments) are accessible.
Season: year-round
Hues: white, yellow, apricot, pale pink, dim pink, red, burgundy, additionally bicolor and spotted
Fragrance: zesty, clove-like
Meaning: profound respect, interest, solid and unadulterated love, unfading excellence
Motivation: Flower dividers and emerge courses of action call for tough and enduring sprouts, which are two things carnations are known for.

Chrysanthemum or Yellow chrysanthemum bloom

Around a thousand assortments of enduring, adaptable mums can be found in single blooms or showers. The mum has been developed in the Far East for over 2,500 years, notwithstanding showing up in the compositions of Confucius. What it needs in sweet scent, it compensates for in a scope of strong hues.
Season: year-round, crest in late summer and fall
Hues: white, yellow, green, orange, reddish brown, red, burgundy
Aroma: solid, musky
Meaning: sprightliness, good faith, long life, happiness
Motivation: When masterminded all at once, little blooms have a striking impact. Enliven your path with pomanders of catch chrysanthemums to give your visitors some sight to behold as they rearrange into their function seats.

Dandy or Dull purple fob

Named the dandy because of its likeness to a chicken, this dynamic bloom is certain to create an impression. Arriving in an assortment of hues, this bloom looks splendid when stopped and utilized as a centerpiece.
Season: late summer to late fall
Hues: yellow, green, orange, pink, dark red
Aroma: none
Motivation: Paired with dahlias and garden roses, these three blooms with their interesting building parts make eye-getting centerpieces.

Cornflower or Fuchsia cornflower

In medieval legend, it was trusted that a young lady who set a cornflower underneath her skirt could have any lone ranger she craved – which is maybe how the blossom procured its other name, single man’s catch. A reasonable decision proper for an easygoing wedding, the cornflower comes in white, pink, dim fuchsia, and, most regularly, blue, with fluffy blue-dim foliage. Its catch head and brilliant legend make it an enchanting boutonniere bloom for groomsmen.
Season: summer-early fall
Hues: white, pink, blue
Fragrance: none
Meaning: delicacy, felicity
Motivation: Offset greater headed blossoms like peonies and garden roses with little augmentations of cornflowers in centerpieces and bunches.

Honeymoons in Alberta: Romantic Wedding Inns in a Beautiful Landscape

“It was just that we had this phenomenal honeymoon relationship that just kept going.”

James Levine, Pianist and Conductor.

One of the most memorable and peaceful honeymoon experiences start with The Charming Inns of Alberta. After your wedding, you owe it to yourself to spend your honeymoon in paradise – which is the picturesque setting of the Rocky Mountains at one of the neighboring hotels.

A great vacation destination is one thing, but honeymoons are special. Honeymoons are events that will be etched in the corners of your mind for a lifetime. There’s a list of luxurious inns in Alberta to accommodate you.

Each hotel and inn is distinctive, whether for exceptional amenities or design. Here is a list of a few of the hotels:

  • The Prairie Creek Inn: This inn located in Rocky House, Alberta is nestled in the snow-capped hills of the Rocky Mountains. The closest city to this prairie lodge is Red Deer which is fifty-five minutes away. Its rating is 4 ½ of 5 stars. The bedrooms in the cottages there accommodate 4 adults. The Creekside Cottage offers a soaker tub and shower combination, and a fully equipped kitchen with a grill and fireplace. The Fireside Cottage is similar and they’re both pet friendly. More elaborate suite amenities include an outdoor fire pit and hot tub.
  • The Num Ti-Jah Lodge: The rustic mountain lodge was built in early 1940’s by pioneer Jimmy Simpson who was a guide for hunters, mountaineers, artists, and scientists from the age of 19 onward. Num Ti-Jah is a Stoney Plain word for pine marten which is a small animal that resembles a sable. The hotel is massive and is log cabin style, with a red roof. The rooms have either one king size bed or two queen sized and plenty of square footage. Each room has a view of Lake Bow and the Bow Glaciers. There’s a café and dining hall on the premises, as well as an outpost to purchase gifts, mountain apparel and toiletries.
  • The Juniper Hotel & Bistro: Constructed in the 1950’s, this luxurious hotel is situated near the base of Mount Norquay – mere kilometers from the downtown area of Banff. It’s known for its plush, green nature trails for hiking and skiing in Banff National Park. The rooms in this hotel are cozy and have choice of one king size bed or doubles. The Bistro on hotel premises has some of the most creative and thoughtful meal plans you can find with their special rib dinners and hearty soups. If you’re downtown, the hotel has a complimentary shuttle that operates from morning to 5pm. The Juniper Hotel & Bistro has great hotel stay packages with special rates that are available upon reservation.

Unique Locations for Wedding Photos in Calgary

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture one fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson photographer.

When it comes to good spots to shoot snapshots or video in Calgary, there are endless amounts of places that are great for pictures. Everywhere you look in the Rockies there are opportunities to make awesome memories.

Beautiful Waterfalls in Calgary

One of the most draw-dropping sights in Calgary are the waterfalls in Johnston Canyon just outside of Calgary. Rust colored stone covers bluffs that overflow with bubbling water down the fall. There is level ground on either side at the bottom of the waterfall, where your wedding party can stand and pose for pictures. The bride and groom are sure to treasure pictures of this aqua blue, babbling brook memory for life.

When you go to the upper portion of that same canyon (Johnston Canyon) the top of the hill is completely stone. If you situate your groomsmen and bridesmaids just right, you can get a picture of nature at its finest where you can see a combination of the sediment formations of rocky mountain banks on either side of the Lake Louise. The sky meets the tree-line where you can see upwards of 20,000 Rocky Mountain Pines.

If you go further north toward Jasper, Tangle waterfall is a great photo opportunity as well. You may catch a ram drinking from the stream or Binghom Sheep. This fall has a thick wooded area around it, and not so much stone on top.

For a flawless scene that will take your breath away, go to Lake Pyramid in Jasper Park at dawn. There you’ll get a glimpse of a lake so beautiful and pure that bursts with color. It reflects an image of the trees and mountain peaks beyond it as the lake’s surface mirrors nature. There you can take a fishing snapshot or a photo of your wedding party walking along the stone laced banks next to the water.

Spectacular National Parks

Spirit Island’s Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is nothing less than spectacular. There are portions of the land there that extend into the water where trees grow. You can also capture snow-capped mountains all around.

Moraine Lake is another place where you capture shots of friends and family canoeing. The water is so clear and vast that you’re sure to get fabulous shots every time. The forest there is filled with Spruce trees, Bristlecone Pine trees, Douglas-fir trees, Cottonwood and Ponderosa Pine trees that make for a lush leafy background.

Castle Junction is a good spot as well. The mountain there favors the shape of a castle. You can tell that the finger of God sculpted the formations there without a doubt. Instead of the regular A shaped mountain range foundation, the stone is reddish and puts one in the mind of desert land. It’s truly a magnificent sight.

How to Get Great Outdoor Wedding Photos

“When you think of memories you’ve made with friends, those memories become treasures.”

Madge Pomerleau Slidely.

If you plan on having an outdoor wedding or if the reception is going to be outside, there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to get good photos. If you want to capture memories that will last a lifetime, you have to be prepared. Remember that things like bad weather or too much sunlight in the shot, can mess up albums of some of the best weddings.

For starters, make sure you or the photographer brings an ample amount of memory cards. Nothing feels worse than having a high quality camera and a bunch of beautifully dressed guests, with no more memory to store footage on. Whether video or camera, memory backup is a must. Extra batteries and locating charging locations ahead of time are also important.

Create a shot list of the people, memorabilia and scheduled actions you want to capture such as cutting of the cake. There are particular people and events at your wedding that you don’t want to forget. If you haven’t seen your Uncle Lance in over 20 years and he’s bringing his son that you never met, you’ll want to make this a priority on your shot list. Other things may uncle throwing the bouquet, your husband pulling your garter off, placing rings on each other’s fingers, pictures of the ring bearers coming down the aisle, your Cousin Cheryl’s dog in a tuxedo and her cat dressed in a wedding veil or a series of pictures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen performing a special dance.

Scout for best filming locations for sunny days and best locations when it rains, at your wedding venue. Look for spots that have exotic waterfall backdrops, mountain ranges that you want to be visible, historical monuments you want to be photographed in front of. In case it rains you may want to set up a tent with proper lighting so that you can still photograph family and friends. If your location is a barn wedding, you may want the bridal party to do a cute pose in front of a horse drawn wagon.

Bring two cameras for photography, not just as a backup, but for extra photo opportunities. Having two separate people film the event from different aspects and angles, will add depth to your memory book. Also remember to photograph tiny details like the ornaments on guests’ tables or their name plates. Take an extreme close up of one of the flowers in an arrangement and rings on the ring pillow.

When you shoot images outside you are using ambient light and you have to make sure your picture won’t be overexposed by too much sun. To do this you must locate the white balance control on your camera and place a plain white poster board or large piece of paper next the subject or object being photographed. As you look through the lenses with the control switched on, if the paper shines or the light coming from it is somewhat loud, then you need to lower the amount of light coming into the camera. Once the paper object looks like it has a normal amount of brightness, set your controls accordingly and now you’re ready to take shots. Avoid direct sunlight.

Lastly, make sure your background doesn’t match the color of the people or images in the shot. If the colors compete with each other, you’re bound to drown out the people or images you want to capture. If the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses is Evergreen, try not to put them in front of a setting with bushes in the background.

Winter Weddings in Alberta

“A Christmas snow adventure warms the coldest heart, elicits grudging laughter, and leaves one with the suspicion that something exceptional has been accomplished.”

Blue Cotton Memory.

Have you envisioned a wedding with a date during the fall at any time? The winter wedding is one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets. That’s when snow mobiles, skis and romantic cabin fires come to life. You’re hemmed in by a delightful rustic setting that’s natural and beautiful. You get to break out the fur coat you’ve been longing to wear.

With a winter wedding, you don’t need to assume that everything absolutely has to be white. Be creative. Use of dramatic blues, purples, yellows and orange are allowed. Don’t feel as if you have to stick with the traditional red and green because of Christmas or white to match your background however, a white wedding amid a snowy backdrop is loaded with depth and drama. Imagine the emotions that it evokes.

If you plan in advance you can get great discounts on airfare and cabin rentals. Your guests will really enjoy sleigh rides as they dash through the snow on a one horse open sleigh. Ice skating is sure to be a great memory maker. When there’s an ample amount of snow in the Rocky Mountains skiing is sure to be a blast.

Fabric Choices

Just because typical winter apparel is usually heavy and dark, doesn’t mean that your bridesmaid’s dresses have to be made of gabardine or another bulky fabric to match the weather. Silks and satins can be worn with the same soft, sleek lines that they’re constructed in for summer weather. An added bonus is that an extra piece such as a shawl or fur cowl can be worn as an accent piece if you would like.

Centerpieces and ornaments

A winter theme has some of the most sophisticated décor for weddings that there is. Blue lighting in the reception hall with white table cloths and draperies with icicle lighting is simply gorgeous. For a centerpiece you can use a tiny tree or replica and decorate it with white lights and snowflakes, with coordinated tableware to match. Don’t forget the unique ice sculptures that can be used this time of year. No matter what image you choose, in a mid-winter setting, it suits the occasion.

Keeping Warm with Sweets and Drinks

The wedding cake can be seasonal pumpkin flavored or even fruit cake. Either can be adorned with snowflakes or pine cones, and white icy frosting. Appetizers during that time of year, can either be hearty or light.

Use of a hearth or fireplace is sure to be a novelty. Winter is the only truly acceptable season in which to make a fire. If you look exceptionally attractive in boots and a fur hat, a winter wedding is a great time to shop something new.

Rosario’s Rumpope is an example of a tasty alcoholic beverage to serve at your wedding. A quick overview is that it has vanilla extract, condensed milk, slivers of peach and rum. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the blended mixture and add a cinnamon stick for garnish. It warms the cockles of your heart and puts a rosy glow in your cheeks. Winter is a good opportunity to be creative.

Special Wedding Venues in Calgary

“When we were just two separate souls, I used to dream of a place where we’d come together as one.”

Jarod Kintz, author.

On that special day, you don’t want anything to go wrong. Once you’ve picked out your first and second choices for a venue, you’ll want to make sure every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted. When choosing a wedding hall here are a few tips about what you need to know first.

  • Other things on the schedule: Will there be other events scheduled at your wedding venue on your wedding date? You want to make sure your time isn’t rushed so that your guests won’t be shooed out of the door ahead of time.
  • Set up time: Will you be allowed time to set up or tidy up before the locations hours of operation? In a “what if” scenario, you want to be able to check the place before hand to ensure that there’s not a last minute change in scenery just in case.
  • Parking: Does the place you want to use have valet parking? Will an area be chained off separately for guests of your wedding to use?
  • Complimentary Shuttles: Does your venue offer shuttle service to a larger parking area? To make sure everything runs smoothly, you might have to lease your own van.
  • Who’s in charge: At times the director of a facility will make sure everything operates with finesse while you and your spouse-to-be take care of nuptials. Knowing facilitators responsibilities can lessen some of your duties.
  • Additional charges: There are sometimes fees to be paid in addition to the bill such as a food service charge or an additional bill for beverages. This is something you should check so you can include those prices in the overall cost.

There are lots of interesting places to hold a wedding in Calgary; stadiums, churches, museums, zoos and halls. Here are a few places to look:

  • McMahon Stadium: This stadium isn’t only a place for watching football. When it comes to seating, if you’ve invited lots of attendees the arena has an over 46,000 capacity limit. If you’re a die-hard football fan McMahon Stadium could be the place for you.
  • Churches: If you have your heart set on getting married in a church, there are several in the Calgary area to choose from. Sacred Heart Church is a beautiful church constructed of red brick with arched windows and a steeple. There are also many more churches such as Grace Presbyterian, Knox United Church and St. Paul’s Anglican.
  • Museums: Calgary has three main museums that are large enough for your special affair. The Heritage Park Museum is located in Southwest Calgary and has an event hall that accommodates up to 3000 capacities, and it’s suitable for weddings. The museum offers a wide variety of attractions including a paddle boat ride for guests and exhibitions of historic memorabilia. The Aero Space Museum of Calgary offers event and facility rentals. The theme of the museum is aviation. Aircraft Hangars and exhibits of planes are sure to impress the crowd. The Glenbow Museum has an interesting array of art exhibits and leases the Glenbow Theatre and 2nd and 3rd floor lobby and common areas for events.
  • The Calgary Zoo: Whether you’re an animal lover or if you just have a wild flair for adventure, Calgary’s zoo could be the place for you. The venue has a picturesque setting for weddings in their botanical gardens and seats up to 500 persons. In a place like this, you’re sure to have a good time.

Bridal Shows and Expos in Alberta

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin CEO of Yoyodyne.

Although there are a number of places you can purchase a wedding dress from there can only be one dress, so you want to make sure you’re happy with what you pick. The best way to see what’s out there all in one sitting, is by going to trade shows and bridal expos in your area. At an expo you can watch live models move freely on the runway, in a variety of dress designs and glamorous hair styles. Shopping for your wedding gown this way is good because you can keep a running list of your likes and dislikes.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to wear a frilly dress with delicate, hand stitched beading and embroidery and lots and lots of ruffles. Attending an expo gives you a wider variety of styles and colors to choose from, all under one roof. You can take your best friend or fiancé, maybe even your bridesmaids. The shows are well coordinated and showcase everything from wedding gowns to dresses for the mother of the bride and her bridesmaids, as well as formal wear for the groom and his groomsmen and flower girls. Take a camera to collect a gallery of snapshots of the garments you like the best.

Alberta has a number of bridal expos scheduled on this year’s calendar:

  • The Bridal Fantasy Show: This show is massive. As soon as you walk through the door you see is bridal wear, accessories, wedding apparel and paraphernalia as far as the eye can see. Vendors who specialize in everything to do with brides and weddings, have well-stocked booths with a variety of veils, garter belts, invitations, ring pillows, flower baskets, silverware, sashes for dresses, sashes for chairs and an assortment of satin gloves, everywhere. It’s a bride’s paradise. There are also experts who give consultations and mini lectures about alternatives for wedding planning. It’s held in Calgary and the expo has shows scheduled throughout the year and have everything you need to throw a fruitful event. The admission fee is $25.00.
  • The Drumheller Badlands Community Facility Wedding Showcase: If you’re still looking for a venue to hold your wedding, the Badlands Community Facility Wedding Showcase can point you in the right direction. The affair is customized specifically for the bride and groom to be, to be able to hear about the assortment of venues available for their wedding. The show focuses on exotic locations from nautical weddings underwater to charming barn weddings, to royal themed weddings held in exotic mansions. Other aspects of the exhibition are centered around wedding themes like renaissance weddings, contemporary elegance, chic country or Lace and Pearl themed vow exchange ceremonies. There’s no admission charge for the event, but an RSVP is required.
  • The With This Ring Bridal Gala: With This Ring gala is held twice a year in Red Deer, Alberta and takes place at Westerner Park. This gala has a variety of exhibitors with names like Black Knight Tuxedos, Creative Cakes by Carol, the la petite Jaune Fleur Floral Boutique and much more. There will be shows and prize giveaways by vendors of cash prizes, bridal apparel and wedding gifts of several kinds. Engaged couples are encouraged to come and taste cake samples, find out what limousine services are available for their big day and view hair designs and gowns and other wedding garments. The charge is $15.00 and there will be door prizes given away.