Barn weddings

Barn Weddings in Alberta

“You taught me to slow down and enjoy the beauty of a sunset, to see the wonder of a flower, and to live as if it’s your last day.”

Papa’s Old Barn Michael D’Arienzo.

Barn weddings are the quaint, rural way of enjoying a more rustic setting for your marriage experience. Barns are open for public use by appointment and they’re so popular that if you don’t contact the owners at least 12 months in advance, you might not get booked. The Rocky Mountains are a great place to have your barn wedding. They’re romantic and not necessarily unsophisticated. Barn weddings make you look inward at the more important things in life, for fulfillment.

If you’re planning to use a barn as the venue for your wedding, a lot of preparation is required. Is the location zoned for events like a wedding? If not, you must acquire a zoning permit in order to throw the wedding. Portable restrooms are popular when you have lots of people in attendance at your function, so scheduling Port-a-Potty set-ups is a must. You also have to run electric wiring for service throughout the structure to ensure that there are outlets for musicians to plug up their band equipment, for the catering company to hook-up their portable food warmers and woks, and to make sure that you have enough light in the space, not only for guests to see the ceremony, but also to take quality photos.

Checking items in advance will help you to avert problems like having animal and farm duties in operation during and around the day of the wedding. Because of the nature of a farm, you may also want to ask which kinds of insurance needs to be purchased in case of mishaps. Once those bases are covered, you are ready to secure your events date and time.

There are several barns locations to choose from in Calgary and other areas of Alberta.

  • Cherry Creek Estates: This farm is irresistible. It is 13,000 square feet of earth-toned, Rocky Mountain pleasure. The structure is a mansion that is set against to outline of both the Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountain range. You can make your choice between two barns that have been renovated and re-purposed as event halls. The wood work on these barns is unbelievable and will leave a favorable impression on you and your guests that will last for a lifetime. Cherry Creek is located on the outskirts of Kimberley, BC.
  • Silver Sage Stables: Silver Sage Stables, situated just east of Vernon, BC is another of the many sites to hold your barn wedding event in Canada. Imagine looking up at sparkling chandeliers hanging from the beams of this vintage-look barn. It’s has over 2700 square feet of space for all the tables and chairs you need, plus outdoor stable ground for grilling or portable set up equipment. The rafters in this barn are bare and exposed, and the wood ceiling is marvelous.
  • Willow Lane Barn: The Willow Lane Barn is situated on the prairie in Alberta. With its country appeal and beard grass flowing located 10 minutes from the bustling province of Red Deer, Alberta and Calgary, Willow Lane Barn has a majestic feel. The wood work is superb and its ceiling is vaulted and inverted. The rafters in this barn are crisscrossed which makes for a memorable and charming wedding commemoration. A working farm is adjacent to the barn and it’s located less than 10 minutes from Calgary city limits.