Special Wedding Venues in Calgary

“When we were just two separate souls, I used to dream of a place where we’d come together as one.”

Jarod Kintz, author.

On that special day, you don’t want anything to go wrong. Once you’ve picked out your first and second choices for a venue, you’ll want to make sure every “t” is crossed and every “i” dotted. When choosing a wedding hall here are a few tips about what you need to know first.

  • Other things on the schedule: Will there be other events scheduled at your wedding venue on your wedding date? You want to make sure your time isn’t rushed so that your guests won’t be shooed out of the door ahead of time.
  • Set up time: Will you be allowed time to set up or tidy up before the locations hours of operation? In a “what if” scenario, you want to be able to check the place before hand to ensure that there’s not a last minute change in scenery just in case.
  • Parking: Does the place you want to use have valet parking? Will an area be chained off separately for guests of your wedding to use?
  • Complimentary Shuttles: Does your venue offer shuttle service to a larger parking area? To make sure everything runs smoothly, you might have to lease your own van.
  • Who’s in charge: At times the director of a facility will make sure everything operates with finesse while you and your spouse-to-be take care of nuptials. Knowing facilitators responsibilities can lessen some of your duties.
  • Additional charges: There are sometimes fees to be paid in addition to the bill such as a food service charge or an additional bill for beverages. This is something you should check so you can include those prices in the overall cost.

There are lots of interesting places to hold a wedding in Calgary; stadiums, churches, museums, zoos and halls. Here are a few places to look:

  • McMahon Stadium: This stadium isn’t only a place for watching football. When it comes to seating, if you’ve invited lots of attendees the arena has an over 46,000 capacity limit. If you’re a die-hard football fan McMahon Stadium could be the place for you.
  • Churches: If you have your heart set on getting married in a church, there are several in the Calgary area to choose from. Sacred Heart Church is a beautiful church constructed of red brick with arched windows and a steeple. There are also many more churches such as Grace Presbyterian, Knox United Church and St. Paul’s Anglican.
  • Museums: Calgary has three main museums that are large enough for your special affair. The Heritage Park Museum is located in Southwest Calgary and has an event hall that accommodates up to 3000 capacities, and it’s suitable for weddings. The museum offers a wide variety of attractions including a paddle boat ride for guests and exhibitions of historic memorabilia. The Aero Space Museum of Calgary offers event and facility rentals. The theme of the museum is aviation. Aircraft Hangars and exhibits of planes are sure to impress the crowd. The Glenbow Museum has an interesting array of art exhibits and leases the Glenbow Theatre and 2nd and 3rd floor lobby and common areas for events.
  • The Calgary Zoo: Whether you’re an animal lover or if you just have a wild flair for adventure, Calgary’s zoo could be the place for you. The venue has a picturesque setting for weddings in their botanical gardens and seats up to 500 persons. In a place like this, you’re sure to have a good time.