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Honeymoons in Alberta: Romantic Wedding Inns in a Beautiful Landscape

“It was just that we had this phenomenal honeymoon relationship that just kept going.”

James Levine, Pianist and Conductor.

One of the most memorable and peaceful honeymoon experiences start with The Charming Inns of Alberta. After your wedding, you owe it to yourself to spend your honeymoon in paradise – which is the picturesque setting of the Rocky Mountains at one of the neighboring hotels.

A great vacation destination is one thing, but honeymoons are special. Honeymoons are events that will be etched in the corners of your mind for a lifetime. There’s a list of luxurious inns in Alberta to accommodate you.

Each hotel and inn is distinctive, whether for exceptional amenities or design. Here is a list of a few of the hotels:

  • The Prairie Creek Inn: This inn located in Rocky House, Alberta is nestled in the snow-capped hills of the Rocky Mountains. The closest city to this prairie lodge is Red Deer which is fifty-five minutes away. Its rating is 4 ½ of 5 stars. The bedrooms in the cottages there accommodate 4 adults. The Creekside Cottage offers a soaker tub and shower combination, and a fully equipped kitchen with a grill and fireplace. The Fireside Cottage is similar and they’re both pet friendly. More elaborate suite amenities include an outdoor fire pit and hot tub.
  • The Num Ti-Jah Lodge: The rustic mountain lodge was built in early 1940’s by pioneer Jimmy Simpson who was a guide for hunters, mountaineers, artists, and scientists from the age of 19 onward. Num Ti-Jah is a Stoney Plain word for pine marten which is a small animal that resembles a sable. The hotel is massive and is log cabin style, with a red roof. The rooms have either one king size bed or two queen sized and plenty of square footage. Each room has a view of Lake Bow and the Bow Glaciers. There’s a café and dining hall on the premises, as well as an outpost to purchase gifts, mountain apparel and toiletries.
  • The Juniper Hotel & Bistro: Constructed in the 1950’s, this luxurious hotel is situated near the base of Mount Norquay – mere kilometers from the downtown area of Banff. It’s known for its plush, green nature trails for hiking and skiing in Banff National Park. The rooms in this hotel are cozy and have choice of one king size bed or doubles. The Bistro on hotel premises has some of the most creative and thoughtful meal plans you can find with their special rib dinners and hearty soups. If you’re downtown, the hotel has a complimentary shuttle that operates from morning to 5pm. The Juniper Hotel & Bistro has great hotel stay packages with special rates that are available upon reservation.

Winter Weddings in Alberta

“A Christmas snow adventure warms the coldest heart, elicits grudging laughter, and leaves one with the suspicion that something exceptional has been accomplished.”

Blue Cotton Memory.

Have you envisioned a wedding with a date during the fall at any time? The winter wedding is one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets. That’s when snow mobiles, skis and romantic cabin fires come to life. You’re hemmed in by a delightful rustic setting that’s natural and beautiful. You get to break out the fur coat you’ve been longing to wear.

With a winter wedding, you don’t need to assume that everything absolutely has to be white. Be creative. Use of dramatic blues, purples, yellows and orange are allowed. Don’t feel as if you have to stick with the traditional red and green because of Christmas or white to match your background however, a white wedding amid a snowy backdrop is loaded with depth and drama. Imagine the emotions that it evokes.

If you plan in advance you can get great discounts on airfare and cabin rentals. Your guests will really enjoy sleigh rides as they dash through the snow on a one horse open sleigh. Ice skating is sure to be a great memory maker. When there’s an ample amount of snow in the Rocky Mountains skiing is sure to be a blast.

Fabric Choices

Just because typical winter apparel is usually heavy and dark, doesn’t mean that your bridesmaid’s dresses have to be made of gabardine or another bulky fabric to match the weather. Silks and satins can be worn with the same soft, sleek lines that they’re constructed in for summer weather. An added bonus is that an extra piece such as a shawl or fur cowl can be worn as an accent piece if you would like.

Centerpieces and ornaments

A winter theme has some of the most sophisticated décor for weddings that there is. Blue lighting in the reception hall with white table cloths and draperies with icicle lighting is simply gorgeous. For a centerpiece you can use a tiny tree or replica and decorate it with white lights and snowflakes, with coordinated tableware to match. Don’t forget the unique ice sculptures that can be used this time of year. No matter what image you choose, in a mid-winter setting, it suits the occasion.

Keeping Warm with Sweets and Drinks

The wedding cake can be seasonal pumpkin flavored or even fruit cake. Either can be adorned with snowflakes or pine cones, and white icy frosting. Appetizers during that time of year, can either be hearty or light.

Use of a hearth or fireplace is sure to be a novelty. Winter is the only truly acceptable season in which to make a fire. If you look exceptionally attractive in boots and a fur hat, a winter wedding is a great time to shop something new.

Rosario’s Rumpope is an example of a tasty alcoholic beverage to serve at your wedding. A quick overview is that it has vanilla extract, condensed milk, slivers of peach and rum. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the blended mixture and add a cinnamon stick for garnish. It warms the cockles of your heart and puts a rosy glow in your cheeks. Winter is a good opportunity to be creative.

The Weddings of Alberta

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person,” 1950’s journalist Mignon McLaughlin once said. Nothing inspires romance quite like having the perfect wedding. Preparation is the key. There are several details that should be covered in order to pull off a successful event.

Create a Timeline

“Productivity is never an accident. It’s always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort.” Paul J. Meyer founder of the Success Motivation Institute.

Visualize how you want to present yourself and your spouse to friends and family. What do you want to look like on the society page or when you show photos to your future kids? Constructing a vision board is key. Using a cork board panel, picture book, or large poster, take cutlets from fabric swatches, magazine pictures of wedding gowns, a card from exotic venues and restaurant ads of meals. This dream board helps you visualize your goal so you can implement different aspects of your wedding, reception and honeymoon through to its finalization. Now that each task is envisioned, put the details in writing so you’ll know exactly what you need to spend.

  • Make a budget that covers everything – starting from the major details to the smallest.
  • Decide what time of year you want to have the wedding. Do you prefer a summer theme or fall?
  • If there are specific days you don’t want to compete with like the 4th of July, make a list of them.
  • Are you going to do this on your own? If not, this is the time to secure a wedding consultant.

These are the important firsts of a solid wedding plan. Did you put pictures of steak, fish, or chicken dishes on your vision board? Now’s the time to make inquiries to catering companies and set up appointments sample their cuisine. If hearing harpists strum heavenly chords has always made you feel sentimental, maybe it’s time to schedule harp players. This is also the time to decide if you want a DJ or a live band.

Contact photographers and ask them to email portfolios or samples of their work – weddings in particular – to help you decide which you want to use. This also gives you the opportunity to find out what their requirements are about deposits and refunds.

Does the venue that you’re considering include tables and chairs as a part of the contract or will you have to get your own? Keep a notebook with details of the event sites, about each photographer and their requirements, the entertainment you want, florists and caterers to refer to later.

After you’ve pin pointed an exact date, time, and location you can make reservations for guests coming from out of town. You can also start a wedding registry so attendees will know what gifts to buy.

Insurance is a must. Contact an agent about wedding insurance to cover mishaps and deposits. Coverage typically protects against things like if transportation failing to arrive, damaged film or loss of photographic material, unexpected problems with the bride’s dress or loss of rings. Accidents do happen.

Once you’ve got your date you can order bridesmaid dresses and reserve tuxedos, as well as order and send out invitations for an RSVP stamp. You can also book the harpists for the wedding and a band for the reception now.