Winter Weddings in Alberta

“A Christmas snow adventure warms the coldest heart, elicits grudging laughter, and leaves one with the suspicion that something exceptional has been accomplished.”

Blue Cotton Memory.

Have you envisioned a wedding with a date during the fall at any time? The winter wedding is one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets. That’s when snow mobiles, skis and romantic cabin fires come to life. You’re hemmed in by a delightful rustic setting that’s natural and beautiful. You get to break out the fur coat you’ve been longing to wear.

With a winter wedding, you don’t need to assume that everything absolutely has to be white. Be creative. Use of dramatic blues, purples, yellows and orange are allowed. Don’t feel as if you have to stick with the traditional red and green because of Christmas or white to match your background however, a white wedding amid a snowy backdrop is loaded with depth and drama. Imagine the emotions that it evokes.

If you plan in advance you can get great discounts on airfare and cabin rentals. Your guests will really enjoy sleigh rides as they dash through the snow on a one horse open sleigh. Ice skating is sure to be a great memory maker. When there’s an ample amount of snow in the Rocky Mountains skiing is sure to be a blast.

Fabric Choices

Just because typical winter apparel is usually heavy and dark, doesn’t mean that your bridesmaid’s dresses have to be made of gabardine or another bulky fabric to match the weather. Silks and satins can be worn with the same soft, sleek lines that they’re constructed in for summer weather. An added bonus is that an extra piece such as a shawl or fur cowl can be worn as an accent piece if you would like.

Centerpieces and ornaments

A winter theme has some of the most sophisticated décor for weddings that there is. Blue lighting in the reception hall with white table cloths and draperies with icicle lighting is simply gorgeous. For a centerpiece you can use a tiny tree or replica and decorate it with white lights and snowflakes, with coordinated tableware to match. Don’t forget the unique ice sculptures that can be used this time of year. No matter what image you choose, in a mid-winter setting, it suits the occasion.

Keeping Warm with Sweets and Drinks

The wedding cake can be seasonal pumpkin flavored or even fruit cake. Either can be adorned with snowflakes or pine cones, and white icy frosting. Appetizers during that time of year, can either be hearty or light.

Use of a hearth or fireplace is sure to be a novelty. Winter is the only truly acceptable season in which to make a fire. If you look exceptionally attractive in boots and a fur hat, a winter wedding is a great time to shop something new.

Rosario’s Rumpope is an example of a tasty alcoholic beverage to serve at your wedding. A quick overview is that it has vanilla extract, condensed milk, slivers of peach and rum. Sprinkle cinnamon on top of the blended mixture and add a cinnamon stick for garnish. It warms the cockles of your heart and puts a rosy glow in your cheeks. Winter is a good opportunity to be creative.

Wedding Dress Trends for the Season

“I’ll meet you at the altar.” “I’ll be the one in white!”

Stephanie Meyer, Breaking Dawn.

Soft, sleek lines, silky lace, satiny silhouettes, plunging necklines and wistful trains is the stuff that dreams are made of – the foundation of a great wedding memory. For each season, in order to know what looks best on brides, you have to keep up with seasonal trends.

The designers, stylists and fashion gurus can’t be wrong. There are too many happy brides per capita to dismiss the idea that the latest wedding dress trends don’t matter. Each season spawns another fantastic array of beautiful reveals issued forth during bridal fashion week.

For 2016 everything from crystal beaded embroidery by Naeem Khan to Oscar de la Renta’s Spanish inspired capelet dress is fancied by adoring fans of wedding apparel everywhere.

Designer Alon Livne White’s assortment of milky white dresses in his collection of bridal gowns was jaw dropping, as models strolled down the runway in style. The fall ensemble consists of floor length frocks with nude, sheer bodices embellished with floret styled embroidery. The designer was sure to implement contemporary touches to a traditional variety of sheath-like dresses. Though some of the garments were form fitting, others were loose in fit. Certain pieces ensemble architecture that you might find on a cathedral.

Naeem Khan’s fall assortment intrigued spectators with his frisky use of hand stitched pearl sequins combined with chiffon. Last year’s inspiration for his collection was the roaring 1920’s with shimmy dresses and tassels. This year’s theme is international destinations like Lyon and Saint Tropez and l’Opera. You’re bound to envision French, Italian, Spanish and Indian weddings after watching this runway show. The trains on his dresses range from brush to court, chapel and even cathedral and narrow the waistline.

Marchesa’s spring collection consists of a dainty selection of light, airy looking dresses that are trumpet in form – glove-fit that flares below the knee and with a fitted bodice. Some are sheathed to show off girlish figures. Each dress has elaborate beaded appliques with beautiful floral patterns that embodies an innocent feel of its wearer. Although the dresses are exquisitely designed, they have what could be described as a characteristic of modesty about them. Marchesa’s mermaid style dress is sleeveless and has a sweetheart neckline, with astonishing floral embroidery and bead work. The train of the dress flares out right below the knee and softly trails behind when walking.

Hayley Paige’s are sure to make you look like the belle of the ball. The dresses are southern look, Gone With The Wind dramatic, wedding gowns that will simply take your breath away. Each look has an A-Line foundation and heavy, full train. The dresses are flare with detachable boleros that are long sleeved, against a corset bodice. They are form flattering and evoke emotions of love and desire when seen on those wearing them.

Capelets are all the craze in Oscar de la Renta’s fabulous troupe of bridal gowns as onlookers’ ogle and photographers snap pictures. The collection is filled with marvel and whimsy as the designer couples’ leaf and flower petal inspired bustier bodices with swaged, Latin look capelets. His dresses put you in the mind of tiered white Christmas trees made of chiffon and lace and leave you with a romantic, regal impression. They look like they should be worn by dignitaries during the Kennedy administration like Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy or elite-class Princess Kate of Wales. The dresses give off a nostalgic vibe and are sure to catch the attention of wedding guests and reporters.