Unique Locations for Wedding Photos in Calgary

“To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture one fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson photographer.

When it comes to good spots to shoot snapshots or video in Calgary, there are endless amounts of places that are great for pictures. Everywhere you look in the Rockies there are opportunities to make awesome memories.

Beautiful Waterfalls in Calgary

One of the most draw-dropping sights in Calgary are the waterfalls in Johnston Canyon just outside of Calgary. Rust colored stone covers bluffs that overflow with bubbling water down the fall. There is level ground on either side at the bottom of the waterfall, where your wedding party can stand and pose for pictures. The bride and groom are sure to treasure pictures of this aqua blue, babbling brook memory for life.

When you go to the upper portion of that same canyon (Johnston Canyon) the top of the hill is completely stone. If you situate your groomsmen and bridesmaids just right, you can get a picture of nature at its finest where you can see a combination of the sediment formations of rocky mountain banks on either side of the Lake Louise. The sky meets the tree-line where you can see upwards of 20,000 Rocky Mountain Pines.

If you go further north toward Jasper, Tangle waterfall is a great photo opportunity as well. You may catch a ram drinking from the stream or Binghom Sheep. This fall has a thick wooded area around it, and not so much stone on top.

For a flawless scene that will take your breath away, go to Lake Pyramid in Jasper Park at dawn. There you’ll get a glimpse of a lake so beautiful and pure that bursts with color. It reflects an image of the trees and mountain peaks beyond it as the lake’s surface mirrors nature. There you can take a fishing snapshot or a photo of your wedding party walking along the stone laced banks next to the water.

Spectacular National Parks

Spirit Island’s Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park is nothing less than spectacular. There are portions of the land there that extend into the water where trees grow. You can also capture snow-capped mountains all around.

Moraine Lake is another place where you capture shots of friends and family canoeing. The water is so clear and vast that you’re sure to get fabulous shots every time. The forest there is filled with Spruce trees, Bristlecone Pine trees, Douglas-fir trees, Cottonwood and Ponderosa Pine trees that make for a lush leafy background.

Castle Junction is a good spot as well. The mountain there favors the shape of a castle. You can tell that the finger of God sculpted the formations there without a doubt. Instead of the regular A shaped mountain range foundation, the stone is reddish and puts one in the mind of desert land. It’s truly a magnificent sight.